Shell Networks provides a complete and comprehensive set of solutions for all the educational, managerial and security requirements of varsities

Shell Networks has been the preferred partner for some of the most reputed educational organisation in India such as ISB, IIIT-H, JNTU etc. Over the years, Shell’s astute understanding of the requirements and workings of the educational industry has enabled us to serve our clientele in the best way possible. With a keen eye and growing expertise on the advances in the Network and Network based applications industry, Shell packs the cutting edge in serving clients with state-of-the-art solutions.

Campus-wide Connectivity

Putting together the building blocks of the campus network. These are the basic and essential elements of the IT infrastructure in the campus that serves as a base for common day-to-day network activities as well as the advanced solutions and services that will be implemented on the network today and in the future.

Collaboration & Communication

Educational institutions use our collaboration solutions to lower costs and improve learning. Collaboration can help engage students and expand learning opportunities while enabling administrative and operational efficiencies.

Network & Physical Security

Shell Networks provides solutions for campus wide network security with Unified Threat Management, Data Loss Prevention & Security Analysis, as well as IP surveillance.


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