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Eighteen months back the Hyderabad-based network integrator was quick to realise the opportunity in IPv6 migration and has since done several auditing and consulting projects

Hyderabad-based Shell Networks is aiming big in IPv6 migration. The company has identified IPv6 consulting as an opportunity and is targeting almost 10 percent of its revenue from IPv6 consulting in 2013.


“We were quick to realise almost 18 months back that in the first two years assessment and auditing on IPv6 will the biggest opportunity prior to migration. We took help from Cisco, our main principal, to position the company for opportunities,” shared AL Srinath, CEO, Shell.

According to Srinath, the biggest challenge for IPv6 migration is the lack of professionals who understand the new protocol. “We are presently focusing on training and building a team of experts who understand IPv6 in detail.”

The company is focusing on government vertical. Since the government was the first vertical to take an interest in IPv6, Shell started working with DoT to get its engineers trained in DoT’s guidelines on IPv6 migration, said Srinath. “Our first real opportunity came when an AP state department asked for a proposal for assessment of IPv6 migration in May 2012.”

One of the challenges was that the department had, over the years, procured products from multiple vendors, some of them not existing as independent entities any longer. Over a period of three months the Shell team conducted numerous tests to measure the effectiveness of all Internet-facing devices, and came up with a list of devices to be replaced and those which needed just a firmware upgrade. The whole project was billed at less than Rs 2 crore.

The company is currently eying several consulting projects in various state government departments.

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