• The manufacturing sector is at the center of all economic activities as it is one of the largest employment generators. Market conditions in today’s economy are changing at an unprecedented rate. Regardless of size, manufacturers are feeling the pressure of rapid changes in demand, faster product cycles, increased global competition and reduced budgets. With the rise in demand, mainly due to increased consumer spending, manufacturing is entering into an exciting new phase of opportunities and manufacturers are compelled to constantly innovate and improvise processes, reduce costs and increase labour efficiency and output while maintaining and improving safety standards. Manufacturing industry has seen a huge adoption of IT in the last few years to overcome these challenges. Manufacturers need to effectively connect all parts of the value chain by quickly and easily sharing information with every department and employee.

    Shell Networks helps manufacturers establish a strong IT infrastructure, streamline functionality and workflows, improve quick availability and visibility of critical information, manage and maintain IT resources and services. With our expertise, experience and leveraging on our alliance with industry-leading vendors, we offer customized, tested and proven solutions from factory floor networks to collaboration and digital signage solutions along with services for on-site support and management.


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